Wrestling Falls to No. 1 Cornell, 28-9

ITHACA - If Penn was to pull off the big upset over No. 1 Cornell on Friday night, it needed to take wins early and build momentum over the host Big Red. That was not meant to be, however, as Cornell won the first two bouts and four of the first five en route to a 28-9 win over the Quakers.

No. 17 Mark Rappo held a 1-0 lead over No. 10 Frank Perrelli at 125 in the opening bout after two period, but Perrelli scored four points in the third period for a 4-2 win, giving Cornell a 3-0 lead. At 133, in a battle between No. 5 Rollie Peterkin and No. 6 Mike Grey, Peterkin found himself down 6-3 late in the bout. A reversal from Peterkin made things close, but Grey finished with an escape and takedown with 10 seconds left for a 10-5 win.

After a 2-1 win by No. 10 Zack Kemmerer at 141, two first-period falls for the Big Red extended the lead to 18-3 at intermission. No. 3 Kyle Dake pinned Andrew Lenzi in 1:00 at 149 and No. 11 D.J. Meagher followed suit at 157 with a fall over Brad Wukie right before the buzzer at 2:59.

Out of the break, No. 18 Gabriel Burak put three points on the board for Penn with a 3-0 win over Craig Eifert. Burak took Eifert down in the first and rode him out in the second to build a big riding time advantage for the win. No. 3 Mack Lewnes downed Canaan Bethea, 10-0, at 174 and No. 6 Steve Bosak defeated Erich Smith, 8-2, at 184 to clinch the dual for Cornell, halting any potential Penn comeback.

At 197, the latest installment in the Cam Simaz-Micah Burak story resulted in a 9-3 decision for No. 1 Simaz over No. 5 Burak. Simaz took control with a quick takedown and despite a Burak throw for two points in the third, Simaz was able to score the win.

At heavyweight, Kyle Cowan added Penn's third win of the night with a 2-0 win over Stryker Lane. Cowan scored his two points with a double-leg shot late in the first and held on as the two big men each put together full-period rides.

Penn is now 9-5 in duals overall and 3-1 in the Ivy League. The Quakers finish Ivy duals Saturday afternoon at Columbia (3 p.m.)


125 - After a scoreless first period where Mark Rappo was close to scoring on the first restart, the two headed to the second period where Rappo chose to start from bottom. Rappo was able to escape 26 seconds into the period to take the first lead of the bout. In the third, Perrelli escaped off the whistle to tie the match, 1-1. Off a restart in the final minute, Perrelli scores on a single leg shot, scoring with 25 seconds left. Rappo escaped, but was then hit for a penalty point for grabbing head gear. Rappo with a couple of fakes, but no score and the match ended, 4-2 for Perrelli.

133 - No. 6 Mike Grey with the first takedown at 1:05, finishing a shot after a scramble. Peterkin needed time to escape, but scored it with 32 seconds left in the period. Grey chose bottom for the second period and worked a reversal 22 seconds into the middle period. Peterkin got his escape with 40 seconds left to close the gap to 4-2. Peterkin chose bottom for the third and escaped in four seconds to get within one, but Grey came right back with a third takedown with 1:23 to go, increasing his lead to 6-3 and locking up riding time. Peterkin was able to push through for a reversal, but Grey escaped and then ended a scramble with a takedown. Riding time made it 10-5 in favor of Grey.

141 - After a scoreless first period, Zack Kemmerer chose bottom for the second. He needed 15 seconds for the escape to take a 1-0 lead. Kemmerer with the first clean shot of the match at the midway point, but Manson catches a foot on the scramble and forces a stalemate. Manson goes to bottom for the third and escapes in five seconds to tie the bout. After injury time for Kemmerer after his best shot of the night ended with his ankle twisted badly, Kemmerer was ready to finish. Manson took a shot on the edge and the wrestlers went out of bounds with 12 seconds left. On the restart, Manson was hit with a penalty point for illegal contact and that point was the difference as Kemmerer took a 2-1 win.

149 - No. 2 in the country Kyle Dake ended any Penn momentum with a fall over Andrew Lenzi in 1:00. Lenzi got a shot early, but Dake stuffed it and pulled Lenzi over to an inside cradle and scored the fall.

157 - D.J. Meagher took a quick 4-1 lead on two takedowns in the first 30 seconds over Brad Wukie. Meagher works the all at 2:59.

165 - No. 18 Gabriel Burak scored Penn's first takedown of the dual 35 seconds in against Craig Eifert. Burak rode tough, looking to use a reinforced bar, but couldn't score the backs and settled for 2:22 of riding time after the first. Eifert scrambles for a while, but can't get out completely and Burak completes the whole ride and brings 4:22 of riding time - and the point - to the third. Eifert sweeps for a single but Burak defends for a restart with 40 seconds left. On the whistle, Eifert was in, but Burak defended again and gets a hold as well and staves off the scramble for the 3-0 win.

174 - No. 3 Mack Lewnes scored first with a takedown 30 seconds in over Canaan Bethea. Lewnes scored three back points with a crossface and took a 5-0 lead to the second. In the middle period, Lewnes added to his lead with a takedown 45 seconds in on a low single. In the third, Lewnes needed 15 seconds to reverse Bethea and take a 9-0 lead. Lewnes couldn't add to the score and took a 10-0 major decision.

184 - No. 6 Steve Bosak scored the first takedown with a single to the left leg and an inside trip midway through the first period over Erich Smith. Bosak works the nearfall at the buzzer, scoring two backs and taking a 4-0 lead after one. In the second, Smith chose neutral and neither man was able to score despite two scrambles. Bosak chose top for the third, looking to work more back points. With 45 seconds left, Bosak got those backpoints, increasing his lead to 7-0. Smith doesn't give in and scores a reversal at the buzzer. Bosak holds on though for the 8-2 win.

197 - No. 1 Cam Simaz scores quickly on No. 5 Micah Burak with a quick single and trip in first 18 seconds. Burak cannot escape and trailed 2-0 after one with a stall warning issued to Simaz. In the second, Simaz chose bottom and escaped quickly. Simaz with a low ankle pick and connects to increase his lead to 5-0 after two. Burak with a throw for two points with 1:23 left but can't score backs because they are on the outside. Burak was in position for a throw again, but Simaz shrugged out and scored the takedown with 11 seconds left. Burak escaped, but not enough time left and Simaz takes a 9-3 decision.

285 - Kyle Cowan busted through a double shot with 30 seconds left to take a 2-0 lead over Stryker Lane. Cowan rode the whole second period, building 2:30 of riding time after two periods. Lane went with top in the third, throwing in a half on the first start and coming close to a turn but couldn't lock it up. On the restart, Lane went back to the half, but Cowan staved off a turn and Lane's full ride only erased riding time as Cowan picked up a 2-0 win.

No. 1 Cornell def. Penn, 28-9
125 - No. 10 Frank Perrelli (Cornell) def. No. 17 Mark Rappo (Penn), 4-2 (Cornell leads, 3-0)
133 - No. 6 Mike Grey (Cornell) def. No. 5 Rollie Peterkin (Penn), 10-5 (Cornell leads, 6-0)
141 - No. 10 Zack Kemmerer (Penn) def. Corey Manson (Cornell), 2-1 (Cornell leads, 6-3)
149 - No. 3 Kyle Dake (Cornell) def. Andrew Lenzi (Penn) FALL 1:00 (Cornell leads, 12-3)
157 - No. 11 D.J. Meagher (Cornell) def. Brad Wukie (Penn) FALL 2:59 (Cornell leads, 18-3)
165 - No. 18 Gabriel Burak (Penn) def. Craig Eifert (Cornell), 3-0 (Cornell leads, 18-6)
174 - No. 3 Mack Lewnes (Cornell) def. Canaan Bethea (Penn), 10-0 (Cornell leads, 22-6)
184 - No. 6 Steve Bosak (Cornell) def. Erich Smith, 8-2 (Cornell leads, 25-6)
197 - No. 1 Cam Simaz (Cornell) def. No. 5 Micah Burak (Penn), 9-3 (Cornell leads, 28-6)
285 - Kyle Cowan (Penn) def. Stryker Lane (Cornell), 2-0 (Cornell leads, 28-9)