Wrestling Pounds Princeton, 24-10

PRINCETON, N.J. - Penn finished its regular season in strong fashion with wins in seven bouts at Princeton on Saturday in a 24-10 win. The victory pushed Penn's win streak over the Tigers to 21 wins in a row, and ends Penn's dual season with an 8-6 record. The Quakers finish 3-2 in Ivy duals and 5-3 against EIWA opponents.

After No. 13 Bryan Ortenzio gave Penn a lead it would not relinquish via a 10-2 major decision at 133 pounds, No. 13 Zack Kemmerer won the key bout of the day at 141 with a 3-1 decision over No. 15 Adam Krop.

In a bout with top seeding at the EIWA Championships on the line, Kemmerer was the aggressor much of the match, taking all five of the clear shots over the course of the bout. The only shot that connected came in the third period as he broke a 1-1 tie with a low single at 6:32. The win is the 19th of the season for Kemmerer, and his sixth over a wrestler inside InterMat's Top-20. He caps his senior season with a perfect 10-0 record against EIWA and Ivy opponents.

Steve Robertson followed up with his 21st win of the season via a 9-0 major decision over Robert Shepherd. The match was tight through the first two periods as Robertson led, 3-0, after five minutes, but a three-point nearfall in the final five seconds was the deciding factor in the bonus points for Robertson for his fifth major of the season.

Lorenzo Thomas also recorded his 21st win of his freshman season with a 6-0 shutout of Rich Eva. Thomas scored two points in each period, with a reversal with three seconds remaining in the second period sandwiched between a pair of takedowns.

Erich Smith evened his record at 15-15 with a 6-2 decision over Dan Santoro, avenging a 6-5 loss from earlier in the season. Smith took Santoro down in the first and third periods, adding 1:18 of riding time.

The win from Smith started a three-bout win streak for Penn that turned a 14-10 lead into the final 24-10 margin. No. 10 Micah Burak followed at 197 with an 8-5 win over Kurt Brendel. Burak controlled most of the match, leading 7-3 after two periods before allowing a late takedown when Brendel countered a low double attempt.

At heavyweight, Steven Graziano extended his winning streak in duals to eight matches with a 14-6 major decision over Charles Fox. Graziano scored five takedowns in the match, adding two backpoints. He was dominant in the first period, scoring often to take an 8-3 lead after three minutes. He is now16-6 overall and 10-1 against Ivy opponents.

The Quakers are off next weekend before returning to Princeton March 3-4 for the EIWA Championships.

Penn def. Princeton, 24-10
125 - Ryan Cash (Princeton) DEC Karim Shafi (Penn), 6-2 Princeton leads, 3-0
133 - #13 Bryan Ortenzio (Penn) MD Joe DeQuinzio (Princeton), 10-2 Penn leads, 4-3
141 - #13 Zack Kemmerer (Penn) DEC #15 Adam Krop (Princeton). 3-1 Penn leads, 7-3
149 - Steve Robertson (Penn) MD Robert Shepherd (Princeton), 9-0 Penn leads, 11-3
157 - #15 Daniel Kolodzik (Princeton) MD Troy Hernandez (Penn), 9-0 Penn leads, 11-7
165 - Lorenzo Thomas (Penn) DEC Rich Eva (Princeton), 6-0 Penn leads, 14-7
174 - Andy Lowy (Princeton) DEC Canaan Bethea (Penn), 6-2 Penn leads, 14-10
184 - Erich Smith (Penn) DEC Dan Santoro (Princeton), 6-2 Penn leads, 17-10
197 - #10 Micah Burak (Penn) DEC Kurt Brendel (Princeton), 8-5 Penn leads, 20-10
285 - Steven Graziano (Penn) MD Charles Fox (Princeton), 14-6 Penn leads, 24-10

125 - Cash with a takedown off the whistle, Shafi escapes after 1:02 of riding time and period ends, 1-2. SECOND PERIOD: Cash takes down and escapes at 4:05. 1-3. Cash blasts a double with five seconds left for a takedown. 1-5. THIRD PERIOD: Shafi escapes to start. 2-5. Second stall warning on Shafi adds a point. 2-6.

133 - Ortenzio scores early at 0:15. 2-0. DeQuinzio escapes at 0:52. 2-1. Duck and takedown for Ortenzio at 2:50. 4-1. SECOND PERIOD: Ortenzio pulls DeQuinzio back for two backpoints midway through the period. 6-1. Escape for DeQuinzio with five seconds left. 6-2. THIRD PERIOD: Escape Ortenzio at 5:45. 7-2. Takedown Ortenzio on a snap single at 6:15. 9-2. Add riding time (2:52). 10-2.

141 - Kemmerer with first shot midway through period and can't finish resulting in a stalemate. Kemmerer hit for stalling on edge. Kemmerer with a second shot and comes close to scoring but Krop evades before hands can be secured. SECOND PERIOD: Stalling warning on Krop on his ride. Kemmerer gets his escape at 4:19. 1-0. THIRD PERIOD: Escape Krop at 5:12. 1-1. Takedown on a low single from Kemmerer at 6:32. 3-1.

149 - Takedown Robertson on a low single and go-behind at 1:36. 2-0. SECOND PERIOD: Escape Robertson at 3:13. 3-0 . THIRD PERIOD. Shepherd starts neutral. Takedown at 5:45 for Robertson. 5-0. A step-over for three backpoints at the whistle and riding time for Robertson. 9-0.

157 - Takedown Kolodzik at 0:21. 0-2. Three nearfall for Kolodzik. 0-5. SECOND PERIOD: Escape Kolodzik at 3:05. 0-6. Kolodzik sneaks through for a single leg at 4:53. 0-8. THIRD PERIOD: Hernandez goes neutral and no scoring. Add riding time for Kolodzik.

165 - Thomas counters a headlock and trips Eva down for the opening takedown at 1:45. 2-0. Thomas rides out. SECOND PERIOD: Eva rides almost the whole period until Thomas reverses at the last second and leads, 4-0. THRID PERIOD: Takedown at 5:30 for Thomas. 6-0.

174 - Scoreless in the first period. SECOND PERIOD: Reversal for Lowy at 4:12. 0-2. THIRD PERIOD: Bethea chooses neutral and blasts through a double. 2-2. Then is reversed to two backpoints at 6:00. 2-6.

184 - Smith opens with a bearhug trip at 0:32 for a takedown. 2-0. Santoro escapes at 0:58. 2-1. SECOND PERIOD: Santoro escapes at 3:20. 2-2. THIRD PERIOD: Smith escapes at 5:06. 3-2. Smith stuffs a single from Santoro and then circles behind on the edge for a takedown at 6:20. 5-2.

197 - Burak with a two-on-one to a shrug at 1:00 for first takedown. 2-0. Escape Brendel. 2-1. Second takedown on the Russian for Burak at 2:43 and a 4-1 lead after one. SECOND PERIOD: Escape Burak at 3:42. 5-1. Takedown on a single for Burak at 5:25. 7-1.Brendel escapes with 10 seconds left. 7-2. THIRD PERIOD: Brendel escapes at 6:40. 7-3. Brendel counters a half-shot from Burak for a takedown. 7-5. Burak escapes. 8-5.

285 - Takedown Graziano at 0:35 to open the scoring. 2-0. Fox escapes. 2-1.Takedown for Graziano into backpoints at 1:45. 6-1. Escape Fox. 6-2. Takedown Graziano at 2:51. 8-2. Escape Fox. 8-3 SECOND PERIOD: Escape Graziano to start. 9-3. Graziano shoots a single and connects at 4:49. Fox escapes before end of period. 11-4. THIRD PERIOD: Fox escapes at 5:20. 11-5. Takedown Graziano on a go-behind at 6:10. 13-5. Fox escapes. 13-6. Add riding time for Graziano.