Wrestling Rankings Round-Up for the Week of 2/10

PHILADELPHIA - Not a lot of movement for the Quakers this week in the polls despite two big wins to start Ivy action at Brown and Harvard. Junior Scott Giffin did move up two spots in the InterMat rankings at 174 pounds from No. 19 to No. 17, but No. 9 Cesar Grajales, No. 15 Matt Dragon and No. 18 Gabriel Burak all stayed in the same position.

The rankings with perhaps the most at stake have not been released lately - the NCAA Coaches' Panel and the EIWA Coaches Rankings. Both should be updated after this week and there should be some movement for the Red and Blue in the upward direction after impressive performances since the last time those votes were cast.

With that, here is where the Quakers fall in this week's Rankings Round-up ...

Penn in the InterMat Rankings (Released 2/9)
Rankings go to 20 in each weight
149 lbs. - No. 9 Cesar Grajales (Last week - No. 9)
157 lbs. - No. 15 Matt Dragon (Last week - No. 15)
165 lbs. - No. 18 Gabriel Burak (Last week - No. 18)
174 lbs. - No. 17 Scott Giffin (Last week - No. 19)

Did You Know?
Scott Giffin's five-match winning streak has moved him from the outside looking in up to No. 17 heading into this weekend. Four of the five victories have come with bonus points - including three falls. Last weekend he pinned both his opponents to get his Ivy campaign off to a rousing start. His opponent this weekend against Cornell, No. 1 Mack Lewnes, also pinned both his adversaries last weekend to up his season total to 11. A fall in their bout Saturday is unlikely, but both wrestlers are on fire at the moment and their match should be one to watch.

Penn in the A.W.N. Poll (Released 2/9)
Rankings go to 20 in each weight
149 lbs. - No. 12 Cesar Grajales (Last week - No. 12)
174 lbs. - No. 12 Scott Giffin (Last week - No. 12)

Did You Know?
The only news here is that Micah Burak dropped out of the rankings at 197 pounds after a 1-1 weekend. He has a chance to bounce right back into the mix with a win over his opponent from Cornell, No. 4 Cam Simaz. The two have wrestled once already this season - a 1-0 win for Simaz in the final of the Binghamton Open in November.

Penn in the NCAA Coaches' Panel (Released 1/21)
Rankings go to 33 at each weight
133 lbs. - No. 22 Bryan Ortenzio
141 lbs. - No. 26 Zack Kemmerer
149 lbs. - No. 12 Cesar Grajales
157 lbs. - No. 29 Matt Dragon
165 lbs. - No. 20 Gabriel Burak
174 lbs. - No. 20 Scott Giffin
197 lbs. - No. 20 Micah Burak

Did You Know?
As mentioned last week, No. 20 Gabriel Burak as the toughest weekend in terms of these rankings ahead of him. He has No. 16 Justin Kerber of Cornell and No. 29 Eren Civan of Columbia on the schedule this weekend. Kerber is a tough competitor and the match at 165 could be a swing bout if the Quakers look to pull off the upset.

Penn in the EIWA Rankings (Released 1/25)
Rankings go to 6 in each weight
133 lbs. - No. 5 Bryan Ortenzio (Last ranking - No. 5)
141 lbs. - No. 4 Zack Kemmerer (Last ranking - No. 4)
157 lbs. - No. 6 Matt Dragon (Last ranking - not ranked)
165 lbs. - No. 2 Gabriel Burak (Last ranking - No. 2)
174 lbs. - No. 3 Scott Giffin (Last ranking - No. 4)
197 lbs. - No. 4 Micah Burak (Last ranking - No. 3)

Did You Know?
Cornell enters the weekend with the top grappler in these rankings at five weights to go with the top team slot. As is the case in any dual against an EIWA opponent, wins improve your seeding for the conference meet. For instance, at 125 Mark Rappo was not in the top six as of these last rankings. Since then, he has two wins over wrestlers ranked ahead of him by major decision. He needs to carry that momentum through these final four EIWA bouts to keep moving up the ladder. The same can be said for just about every Penn wrestler as the regular season winds down. Would a win over Lewnes coupled with a perfect end of the season give Giffin the top seed at 174 at Easterns? How about 165 where at the moment Burak is No. 2 and Kerber No. 3? The outcome of their bout Saturday will go a long way to see who draws a top seed on March 6. There really are many great storylines for the weekend, but for that you need to come back for the official preview on Friday...

*** Bonus Rankings***
W.I.N. Magazine Rankings (Released 2/9)
Rankings go to 25 in each weight
149 lbs. - No. 9 Cesar Grajales (Last week - No. 9)
157 lbs. - No. 19 Matt Dragon (Last week - No. 19)
174 lbs. - No. 8 Scott Giffin (Last week - No. 9)

Did You Know?
Giffin took advantage of a drop by Boise State's Nathan Lee from No. 6 to No. 11 to move up. I am sure Giffin's propensity to stick his opponents' shoulders to the mat also factored in.

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