Wrestling Rankings Round-Up for the Week of 2/17

PHILADELPHIA - As expected after a tough loss to No. 6 Cornell over the weekend, Penn did not see any upward movement in the weekly college wrestling rankings. However, the big news of the weekend was the release of both the latest NCAA Coaches' Panel and the first RPI Index. Those are two of the three factors which help determine a conference's automatic qualifier allotment for the NCAA Championships and the Quakers need to see their names in those lists.

The second Coaches' Panel features seven Penn wrestlers - the same seven found in the first panel released on Jan. 21. Four of those seven saw their standing rise from the first ranking to the second - No. 11 Cesar Grajales, No. 27 Matt Dragon, No. 19 Gabriel Burak and No. 18 Scott Giffin. The three other Penn grapplers in the top-33 of the Coaches' Panel are No. 24 Bryan Ortenzio, No. 31 Zack Kemmerer and No. 22 Micah Burak.

Coinciding with the second Coaches' Panel was the first RPI Index. To be eligible for a spot in the top 33 of the RPI Index, a wrestler must have 15 matches on his season record. That is why Cesar Grajales and Matt Dragon are not included despite favorable Coaches' Panel rankings. The RPI is calculated just like it is in other college sports, by factoring in a wrestler's winning percentage, his opponents' winning percentage and his opponents' opponents' winning percentage. The Quakers have five wrestlers in the top 33 of both the Coaches' Panel and the RPI Index - Bryan Ortenzio, Zack Kemmerer, Scott Giffin, and the brothers Burak.

This week's Rankings Round-Up

Penn in the NCAA Coaches Panel (Released 2/12)
Rankings go to 33 in each weight

133 - No. 24 Bryan Ortenzio (Last ranking - No. 22)
141 - No. 31 Zack Kemmerer (Last ranking - No. 26)
149 - No. 11 Cesar Grajales (Last ranking - No. 12)
157 - No. 27 Matt Dragon (Last ranking - No. 29)
165 - No. 19 Gabriel Burak (Last ranking - No. 20)
174 - No. 18 Scott Giffin (Last ranking - No. 20)
197 - No. 22 Micah Burak (Last ranking - No. 20)

Did You Know?
The EIWA has 49 wrestlers in the Coaches' Panel. Penn is tied for the third-most of any EIWA school with seven wrestlers in the top 33. One Penn wrestler on the outside looking in at the moment is Mark Rappo. However, since these rankings have come out he picked up a win over Columbia's Kyle Gilchrist, who was ranked No. 31 at 125 pounds. Rappo also has a chance to land a spot in the final Coaches' Panel which will be released after this weekend as he will wrestle Princeton's No. 26 Garrett Frey on Saturday.

Penn in the NCAA RPI Index (Released 2/12)
Rankings go to 33 in each weight

125 - No. 32 Mark Rappo
133 - No. 18 Bryan Ortenzio
141 - No. 22 Zack Kemmerer
165 - No. 15 Gabriel Burak
174 - No. 26 Scott Giffin
197 - No. 11 Micah Burak

Did You Know?
The EIWA has 51 wrestlers included on the RPI Index. Penn is tied for fourth with six on the list. Again, a wrestler needs to have participated in at least 15 matches this season already, so wrestlers like Cesar Grajales and Matt Dragon who continue to earn spots on coaches' polls and media rankings are not eligible for the RPI Index. Micah Burak has earned his No. 11 RPI at 197 pounds thanks to a very difficult rookie schedule. He is 18-8 in his freshman season, with six of his eight defeats coming to wrestlers in the top nine.

Penn in the InterMat Rankings (Released 2/16)
Rankings go to 20 in each weight

149 - No. 17 Cesar Grajales (Last week - No. 9)
157 - No. 17 Matt Dragon (Last week - No. 15)
174 - No. 19 Scott Giffin (Last week - No. 17)

Did You Know?
Tough week here for the Red and Blue, with three wrestlers slipping from last week and another (Gabriel Burak) falling out of the top 20. Giffin is the only Penn wrestler slated to face a top-20 grappler this weekend - Lehigh's No. 17 Robert Hamlin.

Penn in the A.W.N. Poll (Released 2/16)
Rankings go to 20 in each weight

149 - No. 18 Cesar Grajales (Last week - No. 12)
174 - No. 12 Scott Giffin (Last week - No. 12)
197 - No. 20 Micah Burak (Last week - Not Ranked)

Did You Know?
Micah Burak hops back in after a 1-1 weekend. His loss was a close on to No. 4 Cam Simaz and he picked up a win the next day over Columbia. He will line up opposite No. 12 Joe Kennedy of Leigh on Sunday.

Penn in the W.I.N. Rankings (Released 2/15)
Rankings go to 20 in each weight

149 - No. 11 Cesar Grajales (Last week - No. 9)
174 - No. 8 Scott Giffin (Last week - No. 8)

Did You Know?
Scott Giffin came as close as anyone in the country to scoring on undefeated No. 2 Mack Lewnes of Cornell on Saturday and continues to prove he belongs in the discussion of the top guys in the country. There was no change in the top ten at 174 this week, but behind them the next 10 all moved around.

Next week, the final NCAA Coaches' Panel and RPI before the conference championships will be released, giving each qualifying conference the exact amount of automatic berths up for grabs Mar. 6-7.