Wrestling Sends Four to Round of 12 at NCAA Championships

PHILADELPHIA - With Session III complete at the 2011 NCAA Wrestling Championships, Penn is bringing four wrestlers to the Round of 12 tonight at 7 p.m. at the Wells Fargo Center.

Sixth seed Micah Burak had his match with No. 3 Trevor Brandvold of Wisconsin right where he wanted it, but couldn't get through the defense to score and was knocked out of the quarterfinals, 1-0. After a scoreless first period where both men took shots and worked for ties, Brandvold chose bottom for the second. Burak was able to hold him down for 39 seconds, but Brandvold got his escape. In the third, Burak chose neutral, knowing one takedown would be enough to win. He had a few attempts, but they came too close to the edge of the mat and resulted in out of bounds calls. In the end, time ran out and Burak was sent down to the Round of 12 in wrestlebacks.

Senior Rollie Peterkin extended his career - and won his 100th career match - with an 11-8 win over Fred Santaite of Boston University. Peterkin had to come back in the match after allowing the opening takedown, but Peterkin was calm and reversed about 25 seconds later to square the bout. That reversal was a harbinger of things to come as Peterkin had four reversals in the match and a set of two backpoints to build his offensive numbers.

In the next round, he downed No. 12 Kyle Hutter of Old Dominion, 4-2, in sudden victory. Peterkin put together a full ride in the second period to build a riding time bank he would need after Hutter scored a takedown with two seconds left in the third period. In sudden victory, Peterkin finished a mad scramble at the 7:39 mark to advance to the Round of 12 for the third time in his career.

Zack Kemmerer became Penn's all-time single-season win leader with his 37th win of the 2010-11 season via a 6-4 decision over Casey Thome of Army. The match was another comeback for the Quakers during the tournament as Kemmerer rallied after Thome scored first at 1:08, escaping at 1:50 to get on the board. In the second, Thome was able to escape at the start of the period, but Kemmerer scored a takedown of his own at 4:03. In the third period, Kemmerer took the lead from neutral with a takedown at 5:52, and although Thome escaped to get within one, Kemmerer was able to defend late shots and add 1:21 of riding time for the win.

Kemmerer came back once again against Josh Kindig of Oklahoma State for a 4-3 win via a takedown with a minute remaining in the match. Kindig had taken the lead on a score of his own 25 seconds in, but Kemmerer escaped before the period ended and again in the second. After Kindig worked his escape point in the third, Kemmerer finished strong, shooting and scoring near his bench for the winning points. More impressive was the multiple lifts and returns from Kemmerer to keep Kindig down, erase his riding time and score the win to advance to the Round of 12 for the first time.

Gabriel Burak picked up his second win of the weekend with a 2-1 win over No. 10 Zach Toal of Missouri. The match unfolded perfectly for Burak. After a first period filled with scrambles that were close to takedowns for Burak, but also took a lot out of Toal while fighting through the battles, Burak went down for the second period and escaped at 3:29 to take a 1-0 lead. In the third period, Toal chose bottom looking to escape and tie, but Burak was able to ride strong the entire period as he normally does. While he was hit for two stall calls while riding on the ankle - the second of which came with one second left in the match - Burak accumulated 1:33 of riding time for the winning point.

In his consolation third round match, Burak finally got over the Eren Civan roadblock, defeating the Columbia wrestler, 6-3, in a tiebreaker. In the rideout periods, Burak scored first with a reversal and then backpoints to take a commanding 6-2 lead. Civan managed an escape late but that was nowhere near enough as Burak advanced to his first Round of 12.

Mark Rappo scored first against Michael Martinez from Wyoming, but couldn't hold off the Cowboy wrestler and was eliminated via a 7-5 decision in sudden victory. Rappo took Martinez down off a restart at 1:30 and then added an escape in the second period to take a 3-0 lead and a riding time lead into the third. Martinez chose neutral for the final period and scored a takedown at 5:14 to get back in the match. He cut Rappo, giving him a two-point lead, but following a second stalling warning on Rappo late in the period, Martinez scored a tying takedown with eight seconds left to send the match to overtime. In sudden victory, Martinez finished a scramble with 12 seconds left, ducking behind for the winning points.

125 - Mark Rappo
First Round: Def. No. 9 Jon Morrison (Oklahoma State), 8-4
Second Round: Lost to No. 8 Jarrod Patterson (Oklahoma), 4-0
Consolation Second Round: Lost to Michael Martinez (Wyoming), 7-5 SV

133 - No. 10 Rollie Peterkin
First Round: Lost to Flint Ray (Utah Valley)
Consolation First Round: Def. Eric Morrill (Edinboro), 8-1
Consolation Second Round: Def. Fred Santaite (Boston University), 11-8
Consolation Third Round: Def. No. 12 Kyle Hutter (Old Dominion), 4-2 (SV)
Round of 12:

141 - No. 12 Zack Kemmerer
First Round: Def. Jon Kohler (Maryland). 7-5
Second Round: Lost to No. 5 Montell Marion (Iowa), 10-3
Consolation Second Round: Def. Casey Thome (Army), 6-4
Consolation Third Round: Def. Josh Kindig (Oklahoma State), 4-3
Round of 12:

165 - Gabriel Burak
First Round: Def. Joe Booth (Drexel), 6-3
Second Round: Lost to No. 4 Josh Asper (Maryland), 6-2
Consolation Second Round: Def. No. 10 Zach Toal (Missouri), 2-1
Consolation Third Round: Def. Eren Civan (Columbia), 6-3 (TB)
Round of 12:

174 - Scott Giffin
First Round: Lost to No. 8 Mike Letts (Maryland), 4-2
Consolation First Round: Lost to Dorian Henderson (Missouri), 9-1

197 - No. 6 Micah Burak
First Round: Def. Peter Capone (Ohio State), 7-3
Second Round: Def. No. 11 Jerome Ward (Iowa State), 2-1
Quarterfinals: Lost to No. 3 Trevor Brandvold (Wisconsin), 1-0
Round of 12: