Wrestling Wins Slugfest at Bucknell, 23-13

LEWISBURG, Pa. - In a match that featured four ties and three lead changes, Penn wasn't sure of a win at Bucknell on Sunday until a dominating major decision from No. 10 Micah Burak at 197 pounds as the junior came through with a 13-5 win that ultimately led to a 23-13 win for the Quakers.

After a 6-0 decision from No. 12 Zack Kemmerer at 141 pounds gave Penn a 7-4 lead, the Quakers did not regain the lead until Burak's bonus-point win. Bucknell did not have a heavyweight in the lineup, adding six more points for the Quakers and the final score.

After each team registered a major decision to start the dual, the two sides traded decisions over the next six bouts, with each side gaining three. No. 14 Bryan Ortenzio evened the match at 4-4 with a convincing 14-2 major over Shawn Armato at 133 pounds, giving himself plenty of breathing room with a 10-point first period on two takedowns and a pair of three-point nearfall maneuvers.

Kemmerer was more workmanlike with his 6-0 decision, with a takedown in both the first and second periods and considerable riding time at the end of the bout.

After Mark Pinero could not rally from allowing a five-point trip in the first period and ultimately losing, 8-2, at 149 pounds Troy Hernandez suffered the first of two last-second losses for Penn as he was defeated at 157, 5-4, by John Regan. Hernandez led, 3-2, after two periods, and upped that lead to 4-2 with an escape in the final stanza before Regan took him down with under ten seconds remaining to tie the match. Regan had accumulated 1:55 of riding time throughout the bout and that was the deciding point.

The Quakers regained momentum with a win by Lorenzo Thomas at 165 pounds. Thomas struggled out of the gate against Corey Lear, allowing a takedown in the first period and a reversal in the second to put himself in a 4-0 hole. Undaunted, Thomas rallied with an escape and a Peterson for a takedown and three backpoints before the end of the second period to take a 6-4 lead. In the third, he added a takedown and despite a late Lear reversal, Thomas took a 9-6 decision.

Canaan Bethea made his first dual start of the season for the Quakers at 174 and led the entire way until Stephen McPeak scored with one second left for a 4-3 decision. Bethea had the only other takedown of the bout in the first ten seconds of the match and had escaped to start the third and take the lead.

With Bucknell leading, Erich Smith gave the Quakers a chance to get the win via his 6-2 decision at 184 pounds. Smith scored a takedown midway through the first period on Jamie Westwood and broke a 2-2 tie with an escape and takedown in the third period on his way to the win.

The tie was broke via Burak's big major decision over Tyler Lyster where he scored five takedowns and a reversal for the 13-5 win.

Penn is now 7-6 overall in duals and is 4-3 against EIWA teams. The Quakers finish the regular season next Saturday at Princeton with a 1 p.m. start.

Penn def. Bucknell, 23-13
125 - Austin Miller (BU) MD Karim Shafi (Penn), 15-6 Bucknell leads, 4-0
133 - #14 Bryan Ortenzio (Penn) MD Shawn Armato (BU), 14-2 Match tied, 4-4
141 - #12 Zack Kemmerer (Penn) DEC Derrik Russell (BU), 6-0 Penn leads, 7-4
149 - Alex Pellicciotti (BU) DEC Mark Pinero (Penn), 8-2 Match tied, 7-4
157 - John Regan (BU) DEC Troy Hernandez (Penn), 5-4 Bucknell leads, 10-7
165 - Lorenzo Thomas (Penn) DEC Corey Lear (BU), 9-6 Match tied, 10-10
174 - Stephen McPeak (BU) DEC Canaan Bethea (Penn), 4-3 Bucknell leads, 13-10
184 - Erich Smith (Penn) DEC Jamie Westwood (BU), 6-2 Match tied, 13-13
197 - #10 Micah Burak (Penn) MD Tyler Lyster (BU), 13-5 Penn leads, 17-13
285 - Steven Graziano (Penn) Win by Forfeit Penn leads, 23-13

125 - Shafi opens with a double leg takedown at 0:51. 2-0. Miller escapes off restart. 2-1. Miller blasts a double on edge. 2-3. SECOND PERIOD: Miller escapes to start second in 15 second. 2-4. Miller adds a takedown. 2-6. Shafi escapes. 3-6. Miller sweeps a single and finishes. 3-8. Shafi optioned out. 4-8. Off restart, Miller snaps a single then cuts Shafi. 5-10. Takedown Miller. 5-12. THIRD PERIOD: Shafi optioned out. 6-12. High crotch shot from Miller. 6-14. Riding time makes it 6-15.

133 - Ortenzio scores eight seconds in and rides for 0:21 before cutting Armato. 2-1. Ortenzio on a second shot and scores at 0:57. 4-1. Bow and arrow thrown in by Ortenzio for three backpoints, 7-1. After releasing, back to the bow and arrow for three more backpoints. 10-1. SECOND PERIOD: Full ride for Ortenzio. He tried to run a bar a few times, but Armato didn't turn. THIRD PERIOD: Ortenzio escapes quickly. 11-1. Ortenzio counters a shot with a go-behind. 13-1. Armato escapes. Add riding time for Ortenzio (4:25).

141 - Kemmerer scores first takedown at 1:40 on a low single. 2-0. Kemmerer rides out rest of the period. SECOND PERIOD: Kemmerer escapes 20 seconds into period. 3-0. Two shots from Kemmerer leads to a go-behind and takedown at 4:20. 5-0. THIRD PERIOD: Full ride for Kemmerer. Two tries on the bow and arrow, but couldn't lock it in. Add riding time.

149 - Pellicciotti with and inside trip and lat drop for five points at 1:00. Pinero bridged out of the fall. 0-5. SECOND PERIOD: Pellicciotti escapes. 0-6. Pinero snaps a single and scores his first takedown. 2-6. Pellicciotti escapes after a cradle attempt from Pinero slips off. 2-7. THIRD PERIOD: Full ride for Pellicciotti adds riding time.

157 - After going scoreless most of the first period, Hernandez scores first with a low single at 2:54. 2-0. THIRD PERIOD: Regan reverses at 3:10 to tie the match. 2-2. Hernandez escapes after fighting off an arm bar tilt attempt at 4:20. 3-2. THIRD PERIOD: After stalling on Regan, Hernandez escapes. 4-2. Regan with a takedown in the final five seconds and adds riding time for a 5-4 win.

165 - Lear finishes a scramble at 2:04 to score first points. 0-2. SECOND PERIOD: Reversal for Lear after Thomas can't finish a power half. 0-4. Escape Thomas. 1-4. A Peterson from Thomas and three backpoints comes close to a fall, but adds five for Thomas. 6-4.THIRD PERIOD. Thomas out quick and then finishes on the side for a takedown. 9-4. Thomas attempts to tilt, but pulls too hard and Lear gets a reversal, 9-6.

174 - Takedown 0:10 in for Bethea. 2-0. McPeak close to a reversal and backs, but Bethea rolls through to allow just the escape. 2-1. Bethea had a single at the end of the period, but couldn't complete the leg sweep before the buzzer. SECOND PERIOD: McPeak escapes at 3:13. 2-2. THIRD PERIOD: Bethea escapes at 5:13 to take a 3-2 lead. McPeak tries a duck in final 15 seconds and then finishes on the edge right before the buzzer. 4-3.

184 - Smith snaps a single and finishes with a pull and trip at 1:15. 2-0. Westwood with an escape after 55 seconds of riding by Smith. 2-1. SECOND PERIOD: Smith close twice on an arm bar and navy ride to getting backpoints, but can't secure them. Westwood finally escapes at 4:30. 2-2. THIRD PERIOD: Smith escapes at 5:05 to retake the lead. 3-2. Smith circles and takes Westwood down at 6:03. 5-2. Add riding time. 6-2.

197 - Takedown Burak at 0:26. 2-0. Lyster escapes and Burak pounces quickly. 4-1. Burak looks for a three-quarter, but settles for a takedown. 6-2. SECOND PERIOD: Off a restart, Burak steps out and swings behind for a reversal. 8-2. Lyster escapes. 8-3. THIRD PERIOD: Lyster escapes. 8-4. Takedown Burak on a low single. 10-4. Lyster cut. 10-5. Lyster tries to duck to a firemans, Burak stuffs for a takedown. 12-5. Add riding time, 13-5