Wrestling's Hot Start Dooms Columbia, 19-13

Penn rebounded from a tough loss to No.1 Cornell on Friday night with a 19-13 win over Columbia in New York City to secure a 4-1 finish in the Ivy League. The win also upped Penn's dual record to 10-5.

The Red and Blue won the first four bouts of the dual to stake themselves to a 13-0 lead. No. 17 Mark Rappo picked up an 8-2 win over Penn Gottfried at 125 to start things off followed by an 11-1 major decision by No. 5 Rollie Peterkin over Kyle Gilchrist at 133. No. 10 Zack Kemmerer rebounded from an early takedown by Josh Houldsworth to rally for a 7-2 win at 141. The next bout went to overtime and saw New York native Andrew Lenzi come through with a 3-1 win over Shane Strumwasser.

Penn had to regroup and hold off a potential Columbia comeback following Lion wins at 157 and at 165, the latter a 3-1 win for Eren Civan over No. 18 Gabriel Burak with a late takedown.

Scott Giffin did his part to stave the comeback, claiming an 8-3 decision at 174 over Stephen West. Columbia won another 3-1 bout at 184 with an overtime takedown by Nick Mills over Erich Smith.

At 197, No. 5 Micah Burak was surprised by Mike Pushpak off the whistle, but came back strong for a 14-7 decision.

Heavyweight featured a battle between Kyle Cowan and Kevin Lester. Columbia's Lester is inside the Top 20 of some ranking and hovering around the top positions in others and proved to be one point better than Cowan in this bout, reversing Cowan to start the third period and holding on for a 4-3 decision.

The Red and Blue finish the dual portion of the season next Sunday in Bethlehem at Lehigh at 1 p.m.

125 - No. 17 Mark Rappo shot immediately off the whistle, finally securing the opening takedown over Penn Gottfried 31 seconds into the match. Gottfried escaped after 29 seconds of Rappo control and the two wrestlers finished the period with no more scoring. In the second, Rappo chose bottom to start. The choice led to an escape in five seconds for Rappo and a 3-1 lead. Gottfried took a good shot to the right leg, but Rappo stuffed it and countered for a takedown of his own with just over a minute left in the middle period. In the third, Gottfried chose bottom with Rappo holding 1:02 of riding time. The first start of the period resulted in a stalemate after 20 seconds and on the second, Rappo tripped Gottfried up on his move to bring him back down to the mat. Gottfried escaped with 55 seconds left but riding time locked up for Rappo. With 24 seconds left, Rappo won a battle on the mat for two more points and the riding time finished it at 8-2.

133 - No. 5 Rollie Peterkin opened the scoring with a takedown on the edge of the mat 1:06 in, connecting on his sweep single. With 30 seconds left, Peterkin locks in three backpoints, patiently controlling the hip and arm and pulling Gilchrist over. Peterkin escaped early in the second and was close on a trip, but went out of bounds. With 40 seconds left in the period, Peterkin ducked under Gilchrist's defense and added two more points. In the third, from neutral Peterkin needed 25 seconds to tack on another takedown for a 10-0 lead. No more scoring and 3:00 of riding time is added on as Peterkin takes an 11-2 major decision.

141 - Josh Houldsworth scored first , finishing on the edge 46 seconds in for the opening score over No. 10 Zack Kemmerer. Kemmerer is unable to escape in the period as Houldsworth accumulates 2:10 of riding time. In the second, Kemmerer with a slick single to the right leg and he tripped Houldsworth down to his back for three backpoints and a 5-2 lead with a minute remaining in the period. Kemmerer rides out the period, erasing Houldsworth's riding time. In the third, Kemmerer matches Houldsworth's takedown from the first, finishing on the edge in the same spot as Houldsworth in the first. Kemmerer rides out the remainder of the period for the 7-2 in.

149 - No score in the first period between Andrew Lenzi and Shane Strumwasser, despite a one-minute scramble at the end of the period. Strumwasser gets the escape 18 seconds into the period to take a 1-0 lead. In the third, Lenzi chose bottom and escaped 37 seconds in to tie the bout. Neither man scored in regulation and Lenzi won in sudden victory at 7:32.

157 - Jake O'Hara scored first on Brad Wukie with a takedown 1:37 into the first period, using a restart for his position. Wukie escaped with a minute left in the period to get himself on the board. O'Hara builds his lead with a quick shot and a big lift with 25 seconds left. In the second, O'Hara escaped off the whistle to add to his lead. Wukie chooses neutral for third period needing points. O'Hara counters a Wukie shot with a minute left for a score and cuts Wukie, then takes him down for a 9-2 lead. Riding time for O'Hara makes it a 10-2 major decision.

165 - After a scoreless first period between No. 18 Gabriel Burak and Eren Civan, Burak returned Civan twice and evaded a reversal attempt from Civan on the edge in the first 30 seconds. On the third restart, Civan was able to get his escape with 50 seconds gone by in the period to take a 1-0 lead. Civan was close to a takedown in the final seconds, but no score. In the third period, Burak escaped in six seconds to square the bout at 1-1. Civan scored the winning takedown with seven seconds left on a scramble for the 3-1 win.

174 - Scott Giffin scored first over Stephen West, shooting a quick single and finishing with a double-leg midway through the first period. West escapes exactly a minute later to close within one. Giffin chooses bottom for the second, and escaped 40 seconds into the period to take a 3-1 lead. With 35 seconds left, Giffin finishes a single, increasing his lead to 5-1. With 1:21 left, Giffin added a third takedown, again with the single. West scored a late reversal while Giffin was looking to cut and go for the major, but with riding time Giffin took an 8-3 decision.

184 - Erich Smith and Nick Mills went scoreless through the first three minutes, but Mills got on the board with an escape seven seconds into the middle period to take a 1-0 lead. Mills added a takedown with 1:24 left in the second, finishing on the edge. On the restart following the takedown, Mills was called for locked hands giving a point to Smith who then escaped off a restart to close within one at 3-2. In the third period, Smith escaped instantly and tied the match. Smith had a hold of Mills' right leg with a minute left, but Mills was able to slip out. Mills scores the winning takedown 16 seconds into the extra period as he finishes on a quick flurry.

197 - Mike Pushpak struck quick against No. 5 Micah Burak, scoring a takedown in the first 25 seconds. Burak was able to escape 23 seconds later to get on the board. Burak answers with a go-behind takedown with 1:15 left. Pushpak was then hit with a penalty point for unnecessary roughness for a back-kick while the two were standing to Burak. Pushpak was able to escape, though, making the score 4-3. In the second, Burak went up-and-out in three seconds to add to his lead. With 1:18 to go in the second, Burak counters a shot and scoots around for two points. In the third, Pushpak chose bottom and rolled out quickly. Burak takes Pushpak down with 1:07 to go and Pushpak answers with an escape, coming close to a takedown but they go out of bounds. With 30 seconds to go, Burak shoots a single and scores on the edge of the mat. He adds another takedown, but Pushpak escapes and the final score is 14-7 with riding time.

285 - Kyle Cowan and Kevin Lester went scoreless through the first period and Cowan chose bottom for the second. He made that choice work with an escape in two seconds. Lester came right back with a quick takedown to give himself a 2-1 lead. Cowan was able to escape off a restart, though, to tie the match. Cowan came in with four seconds left looking to tie, but couldn't secure the points before the buzzer. In the third, Lester came from bottom for a reversal but Cowan escaped in short work, making the score 4-3 in favor of Lester. Cowan couldn't complete his shot attempts in the final moments and Lester takes the 4-3 decision.

Penn defeats Columbia, 19-13
125 - No. 17 Mark Rappo (Penn) def. Penn Gottfried (Columbia), 8-2 (Penn leads, 3-0)
133 - No. 5 Rollie Peterkin (Penn) def. Kyle Gilchrist (Columbia), 11-1 (Penn leads, 7-0)
141 - No. 10 Zack Kemmerer (Penn) def. Josh Houldsworth (Columbia), 7-2 (Penn leads, 10-0)
149 - Andrew Lenzi (Penn) def. Shane Strumwasser (Columbia), 3-1 SV (Penn leads, 13-0)
157 - Jake O'Hara (Columbia) def. Brad Wukie (Penn), 10-2 (Penn leads, 13-4)
165 - Eren Civan (Columbia) def. No. 18 Gabriel Burak (Penn), 3-1 (Penn leads, 13-7)
174 - Scott Giffin (Penn) def. Stephen West (Columbia), 8-3 (Penn leads, 16-7)
184 - Nick Mills (Columbia) def. Erich Smith (Penn), 3-1 SV (Penn leads, 16-10)
197 - No. 5 Micah Burak (Penn) def. Mike Pushpak (Columbia), 14-7 (Penn leads, 19-10)
285 - Kevin Lester (Columbia) def. Kyle Cowan (Penn), 4-3 (Penn leads, 19-13)